Saturday, September 22, 2012

Getting to know...Mwa!

I don't think I've ever done this? Have I? I don't know that anyone is interested in it, but I finally have a minute while I am at work (had the busiestest morning ever), and thought I'd blog. Fun huh?! My Saturday's are a day for me to study, but I just finished up some stuff, and need a breather. I'd say that's fair.

1. I'm 150%, utterly and completely, full -fledged family person. Most people are right? Well, I swear that's all that has ever been on my mind. Even as a young one I was mainly interested in playing house and scoping out future prospects to marry. For real. Sounds a little mature for a tiny-tot, but I have always been an "old soul" at heart. I'm a hopeless romantic. I love chick-flicks, romantic gestures from the hubs, and we always have been super good at talking A LOT, which usually ends up in deep conversation about our future or what we love about our lives, marriage, and family. We are sappy. And I'm ok with it.

2. I go by feelings..not so much logic. Luckily Dustin is the more logical one out of the two of us, because considering my feelings get the best of me, I can be impulsive at times. This goes for everything. I judge (for lack of better wording) whether or not I like someone by the way they make me feel. I avoid people that have a certain demeanor that makes you want to run for the hills. Gossipy, above-all, negative people. We all know some, but boy do I wish I didn't. Therefore, if I have people like this in my life, I am really good at staying away. Life is to be enjoyed, and I won't waste time on people that make me unhappy, and you shouldn't either. I'm a stickler on this. Now, on the other hand, those people that I feel good around, I will forever love. I can be such a lovey person, and find that I say "i love you" in my texts to my friends and family all of the time. I'm so afraid of having that regret of never telling people if something were to happen, that I say it alot. ... And I like to hug. Yep, I do. I greet with a hug, and say goodbye with a hug.

3. I've became a whole new person this year. It's true. I really really have. What changed me you might ask? Therapy. And I am SO not ashamed of it. Without it, I'd still be battling with my head, and you all know from previous posts that it got the best of me. You know, those ones where I complained and "vented" and it never went away...ya those! Anywho. Turns out that I was suffering from anxiety, and PTSD. I was having panic attacks nightly, and my cup was just overflowing with stuff. I was a new mom, going through school, and dealing with this crappy baggage. All of which was taken care of. I don't wish to ellaborate on the fine details, but lets just say that talking to someone can make a world of difference. And through this process, I am far more aware of the "real" me. Not the me that I thought I "should" be or "needed" to be, but the me that is genuine and natural. It's so liberating. I feel rejuvinated, and like I can conquer anything, and at the same time, enjoy myself. I'm a better wife and mother, and I think that through all of this, it really strengthened mine and Dustin's marriage. He saw me at my worst, and he was beyond amazing the entire time.

4. On a lighter note, I bath 3 times a day. Sometimes more. Am I dirty? Nope. Sick? Nope. Just love to bath. I relax the very best when I am submerged in warmth and quietness. I dump some Dr. Teal's in the tub, grab a book or the iPad and have a moment of nothingness. It seriously keeps me going. And want to know something weird? If I study in the tub, I do SO much better. Not like write stuff down study, but go over notes and stuff like that. So, before a test, I bath. It works, I'm telling ya!

5. And some random things: I like to draw, I love handwriting, hearing new names is a top fave too (I used to write them down when I was younger, sometimes still do), I love Saltine crackers and of course soda, I love "feel good" ideas like stuff for make-up, hair, clothing, the house...ya know, anything that brings about a fun new change. Speaking of change, I love change. A few more...getting addicted to a good tv series, veggin' out all day long, like days where you stay in pj's, don't comb your hair or put make-up on, the best! Music is must for me. It seriously has a way of making me feel so good. I listen to The Pulse on my xm...sometimes I change it to 80's or 90's, stuff I grew up listening to. I have a good day when my house is clean and organized, and I sleep so much better too. And, oddly enough, I think caffeine makes me sleepy.

Now, if that wasn't randomness at it's finest, I don't know what is.

P.S. These 3 below, are coming down tonight. I can't wait.

How cute is this pic? I love them!


Camille said...

You are 1 random lil soul! But thats why I Love Ya!!!! :) And those 3 aren't coming.... :( You'll have to come and play with me!!!

Shantel Bishoff said...

Tash! I loved reading this! You're an amazing person and I feel so lucky to know you :) It's so fun to read all of the 'randomness' if we didn't have it our lives would be boring ;) Love ya!

Karli Barney said...

Tash I love your blog and I love you even more! You are such a good person and it was so fun to read this post!

Adam and Dev said...

I love reading your blog Tash! Thanks for sharing :)

Hope you are doing good, I haven't really seen you in awhile. Sounds like you're a busy girl! Maybe I'll see you around next time I visit :)

Carrera said...

You are seriously my long lost half..just so you are aware. :) I could tell you everything in that post that is the exact same about me, but it might exceed the word limit! So just know that I love you tons and we have to find ONE day to get together with J and Tay. We will drive all the way down there if we have to!! xo

Matasha said...

Thanks Everyone! Your comments made my day. I am glad someone appreciated my randomness, and your comments are all so sweet! Love you all!!!