Monday, October 1, 2012

Growing like crazy

It's been a long time since I have sat and updated on lil miss "sassy pants".... That's your first update. She's so sassy and full of life, it's keeping everyone on their toes. She's 22 months and acts like a 5 year old, and I'm not the first to say that. She talks so grown up that I seriously just stop in shock most of the time so my brain can process 1- what she's wanting or telling me, and 2- that she is still my 1 year old.

Jaiya now can:
Sing her ABC's
Count to 11 in English and 12 in Spanish.
(She still answers me in Spanish sometimes... Like last week I said, " jaiya are you ready for a bath?" And she started hopping to the bathroom saying, " si, si, si." Or after getting her a treat, "gracias momma!" )
Fully function my iPad. Crazy.
Remember where we are by landmarks when driving. Aka- people's houses, shopping, church.
She completely processes and retains stuff we explain to her.... And like most kids, doesn't forget anything.
Talks like shes 10. Her vocabulary is crazy. She knows all words we use regularly, even some i probably still don't know she knows. Recent ones she's surprised me with are- lighthouse, lasso, octopus.
Potty in her princess potty. Now, here's the thing, she has been trying to potty-train for months. I wasn't to eager to push it because I never have enough time off to be consistent and really potty-train. But, she's ready. She started saying she needs to potty so we take her in and she will go #1 or #2. All for a cookie;)
Put herself to bed. When she's tired, she's tired. Just like her momma. She will ask us to fill her sippy and then she will head for her room, and reach for one of us to put her in her crib. If we walk out without saying prayers with her, she reminds us, and she repeats every last word of each sentence, we say amen, and she tells us goodnight-night (just like that), and that's it.
She is very good with manners. Thank goodness. She never fails to say pweas or sank you or sowwy (sorry).
And this girl loves..loves...loves chicken nuggets, her babies, Kezi, bike-rides, the park (she goes down head first on the slides...ahhh), iPad games, Dora, chocolate milk, fruit snacks, her grandma's and poppa's, rides in the car, singing "You are my Sunshine," "ABC's," "Twinkle Twinkle," and the  "Popcorn song."
Best part. is she has a lisp. I love it!
She is now:
28 lbs.
In a size 24 mo. Or 2T clothes.
Size 6 shoes.
Size 4 diapers.

I cannot believe she is almost 2. Only 2 more months, and her birthday is here.

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Camille said...

Ya lil Miss Smartie Fartie saw the downstairs light flicker and she said "Need a new light Gwamma?" Uhhh ya, I believe I do!! What a girl! Nothing gets past her! Love her tp P-I-E-C-E-S!!!!! :)