Friday, September 21, 2012

A little story I never wanna forget.

At this age, Jaiya says some hilarious things. This one in particular, is one I find myself telling strangers just because every time I tell it, I'm instantly happier! 

I made dinner a few nights ago, it was just Jaiya and I, and I had just sat Jaiya at the table so I could dish up our plates. As my back was turned I hear Jaiya yelling, " A mouse mom! A mouse! A mouse! Look a mouse!"

As I am walking over to the table I reply,  "What? A mouse? Seriously?" As I get closer and see what she's pointing at, I start laughing and say, " Jaiya, you silly girl, that's not a mouse,it's a FLY! Remember, you know what a fly is?" 

She looks puzzled, "A fly?" 

Me, " yep, it's just a fly..."

And my favorite response, " Pop it Mama! Pop it!!!"  

I love this age. Well, I love every age, but these conversations are what life is all about!

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