Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Don't be alarmed that I have posted now 4 times in the past few days...That's pretty darn good for me! But, just in case you're wondering, I should be studying instead....

For about 10 years now (since my freshman year of high school) I have been dealing with many "girly" symptoms that coincide with endometriosis, which I will refrain from enlightening you with.
-Endometriosis is a condition in which the tissue
that behaves like the cells lining the uterus (endometrium)
grows in other areas of the body, causing pain, irregular
bleeding, and possible infertility.-

Endometriosis is common on my mom's side of the family, my mom had a terrible case of it, and sadly had a full hysterectomy at 24. Unfortunately, this is what my doc at the time was suspecting I had developed as well. But, because I was so young when all of my symptoms started, my doc had prescribed me with birth control pills to ease the pain. Birth control is usually prescribed before a laparoscopy is performed, it's a cheaper and non-invasive way to treat the symptoms. The birth control worked perfectly for me! But, since J was born, it seems to have gotten a little worse, and I have been having symptoms that I just CAN'T deal with anymore.
Thanks to some great advice from the girlie's at the hospital, I decided to go see an OBGYN that comes to Richfield every 2 weeks from Cedar City. He has been a "life-saver!" I just wanted that too much to ask? Well, thanks to my new doc, I have some answers. Dustin, Jaiya and I took a trip to Cedar today, cause Doc wanted to preform an ultrasound to make sure it was not fibrous tumors or something else for that matter...and, it is in fact... endometriosis. But luckily for me, it doesn't seem to be severe so birth control would probably help my symptoms again!
I had an IUD put in after the baby was born, but it had inserted into the myometrium (muscle part) of my uterus and about perforated, was removed after only about a week. Although it didn't work out, doc suggested that I try it again. So...that's what I will do...let's just cross our fingers that it works as well as it did before!!!


Autumn said...

I am sorry to hear you have endo, its horrible. I have dealing with stage four endometrosis for almost ten years. What a blessing to get your little one and good luck! If you need anyone to talk to I have done it all!

Camille said...

Not great news, but they can do A LOT more now than they could back when I was a guinea pig for them! Love ya and I'm glad we at least have some answers!!!