Sunday, March 13, 2011

4 Years of Bliss

Since I am the only one awake at 9:25p.m on a Sunday night, I shall blog.

This is our Sunday pic that we sent to daddy at work...we hate when he works on Sundays:(

But before I begin...
Disclaimer about my posts throughout the past 3 years: I just noticed that I am always saying "we" when I blog instead of "I" if anyone else is blogging with me...duh! I guess I was thinking of how it is my "family blog" but, it is in fact "my blog" about my family, and our wonderful adventure called "life".

This past Thursday, the 10th, Dustin and I celebrated 4 years of marriage. It is crazy to think of how far we have come since we got married: lots of travelling, a home, a baptism, school, new job, and a beautiful baby girl who we both adore. I can truly say that because I am married to Dustin, I am a better person. He has helped shape who I am as a friend, wife, and mother, and I am eternally grateful for that. I can't even describe how amazing it is to watch Dustin as a daddy. He is exactly the type of dad I would want for my kids. He loves Jaiya more than anything, and seeing how much he loves and cares for her just increases my love for him more and more every day. I see lots more fun times, babies (not in the near future), and memories headed our way...

To celebrate our Anni, Dustin, Jaiya and I just spent time as a family lounging around the house, a lunch outing with Brady, Kayla and the kids, going for a walk and watching a movie. It had been tradition in the past to go to Vegas and see a show or two, but with our new addition there was NO way we would/could leave without our Jijjy-Bug...
And since I can't go without a gift (ha ha)...Dustin is buying me a mother's necklace. It will be silver and have Jaiya's name engraved on it. When more little one's come, I can have their names engraved and add it to the necklace. I liked this idea...especially since it was mine...;) I am going to the Diamond Store to pick it out Tuesday, and I will post a pic as soon as I get it;)

I just want to add that I recently made an expensive purchase (at least I think's a far cry from my Covergirl foundation) of Bare Minerals foundation! I.AM.IN.LOVE! It is so light and covers so well...They have a T.V promotion going on right now for $29.99 and I had to jump on the offer after a lady at work so kindly brought this great deal to my attention! You do sign up for a subscription, but the plan I chose is only about $38, still alot, but I plan on cancelling... Maybe I will wait til I have a good stalk built up before I cancel though. I will truly miss it!

And...I am going Au Natural...

with my hair that is...

I haven't been my natural "light brown" in SO long, so I thought for summer I would try it out again. I am still in the process, but...I am loving the change. Right now it is caramel/brown. Hopefully when I am done, I can have my natural brown that streaks on it's own in the sun;) You can kind of see that it is lighter in our pictures, but it looks so much darker in pictures than in person!

And, I cannot end without posting the latest about little Miss J!:
She is developing the cutest personality.
She giggles.
She sucks on her fists.
She droooooollllss like crazy. Teething maybe?!
She drinks 6 oz.
She is wearing anywhere from 3 to 6 months clothes.
She is sleeping in her crib. And still sleeps throughout the night.
She loves to cuddle.
She still loves her bath time, and watching cartoons.
She coo's and "talks" to you so much now. It is adorable.

This was Jaiya's second stroller ride...her first was the day before and we didn't get any pictures. Aren't they cute?! Cannon is such a sweetie. He just sat with her with his hand on her shoulder, and occasionly ate her blanky! ha ha

Hub took 4th at his wrestling tournament on Saturday. He was so proud! He kept saying, "Aunt Tash, I got first!" Love it! He didn't know the difference, and that's how it should be...:) Cause according to Aunt Tash, he did get first place!


Camille said...

What a SWEET post!!! I love the pictures So much, everything you wrote and most of all I Love You! You are a GREAT wife, Mommy, & daughter! I'm Soooo proud of you!

Zach and Tiffany said...

I am a Bare Minerals lover too! I use the different products at a different pace. I have the basic foundation, mineral veil, and bronzer. So now I only have to buy one thing at a time, making it a little cheaper (about $28 every few months)! The big foundation ($28) lasts forever. Like 4 months forever haha and the big mineral veil and bronzer last even longer. Just a little tip that works for me :) haha

Knudsen's said...

Such a sweet and precious little baby! She is adorable! So happy for you guys.