Saturday, January 8, 2011


"God is the designer of the family. "
Gordon B. Hinckley

No words can describe the feeling of being a mother.
She makes my heart full
and life so much brighter.
Love you baby girl.
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Camille said...

And what a darling lil family you have!!! I love you all :) You are such a great Mom! I've loved watching you change and grow as you became "Mom" to this precious little girl! Both you & Dust are amazing!!! Thanks for letting us be part of your lives and for putting up with me dropping in!!!!!

Josh and Allayna McCann said...

I love these, so precious!! I second what your mom said, thanks for letting us be apart of your lives and putting up with us dropping you dear, hopefully we can see each other soon. <3

JaRelle Bailey said...

You guys are TOO cute. Jaiya is a doll. :)

Wes and Lindsey Cardall said...

What a good looking family! Jaiya is adorable and you look great Tash!

Beth said...

Wonderful how your whole world changes when you become a Mommy! It's amazing! Wouldn't take it back for the world!

Love the pictures!

Layna said...

She is Soooo stinkin' cute!!! I just love your small little family! Glad is all is well! :)

Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

I totally agree! Being a mother is the best blessing in the world. Jaiya's a cutie!

*kirstin* said...

I just LOVE and ADORE your little family! Congrats again! :)