Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Random-ness

Here is what we have been up to this month....
1. Brylee and Heather came to visit
2. We finally got our living room {pretty much} done.
3. I got some pictures of our cute lil' Kezi. {I don't take enough!}
I NEVER get as "baby-hungry" as I do when our sweet little Brylee comes to visit! She is always so happy and full of life! I L.O.V.E her cute personality, she is hilarious!

Seriously! Look at that smile...PRECIOUS;)
She LOVES remotes...just like her Uncle Dustin!;)

We ate at The Hot Spot for lunch, so Bry had to get her workout in...

Proud as a Peach

It has taken us about a year, but we have pretty much done away with all hand-me-downs, and we now have all of our OWN stuff! It has been so much fun. We just recently got this walnut coffee table, and our entertainment center, and we are so happy with the turn out! Now...end tables!;)

It is so funny how pets can bring so much personality into a home. Kezi is seriously the light of our crazy as that sounds (YES, we probably need a child soon!) we would do ANYTHING for our little Kezi-boo! She is SPOILED ROTTEN! For example: She sleeps with us, we leave the T.V on for her when we leave so she doesn't get lonely, "I" dress her up, we talk to her like a little baby, we open the blinds so she can look out whether we are home or away, and the list goes on and on...Kezi definately has us wrapped around her little paw!;)

I mean, look at that face, how could you not just LOVE her!

This one too....;) Those eyes make me melt!

Beggin' for treats with Uncle Scruffy! ha ha ha

Sportin' the chest hair!;)
Well, I am all caught up! Hopefully we will get our camera battery and charger from the PALMS soon so we will have more pictures to post!


Zach and Tiffany said...

Love the new furniture!! Looks beautiful :)

Nicki Swilor said...

I think Kezi needs a baby brother or sister! haha

Platinum Protection: Dallas Team said...

I can't see a lot of the pix! :( We need to come see your house again! Brylee is sooo adorable and Kezi looks so cute in her little outfit!! It was so good to see you last wk! I love ya girl!!

Camille said...

Oh I love that lil Brylee! I miss her too! And I must say I also love my little Grand-pup Kezi! She's a cute lil thing!!! You always get mad at ME if I call her a he on accident...CHEST HAIR!?!? Seriously!!! Its her "Fur coat" for special outings!

JaRelle Bailey said...

I love the new coffee table. It is such a beautiful piece. I can't wait to spend the summer with you! Seriously--I'm so excited about it. :)

Beth said...

Cute doggy! I like small dogs if they don't BARK!

Your living room looks really nice! Love the rug!

I was so how you are with Kenzi with my best friends little boy ( he is 3 yrs older than Harbor)