Sunday, March 7, 2010

Carribean Cruise 2010

Once again, our cruise was absolutely amazing! I can never believe how FAST vacations go by...we wait and wait for the day to finally come, and then POOF...your back at home, wishing you were where you just were all over again! (deep, I know!;) The best part of a vacation is being able to "set aside" all of your responsiblities for that short amount of time, and just enjoy yourself!


Dancin' at the club
Luke and Mariah

Marcus and Sarah

Me and Mariah



Formal Night

Tiff, Sarah, Court and Myself

Our handsome hubby's...they clean up nicely if I say so myself!;)

Glamour shot!


And...that night...SUSHI! Our fave!

DAY 4: Half Moon Cay...Oh wait, we weren't able to go due to bad weather so we were refunded some money, and we spent the day at sea!:( Bummer! It was so windy and cold that we just spent the day in sweats:( Not my ideal cruise weather, but what do ya do?

Infamous bathroom pic!

Blayr and I with our Miami Vice drinks...;)

The guys doing what they do best...GAMBLING! Thanks to Dustin, we came home $700.00 ahead after everything was paid for! He does this every year, and I can't complain! Maybe when he starts losing I will try to break his habit...;) Until then... gamble on my dear!


On our way to Atlantis

Our little/big group waiting outside for our taxi driver to get back with our illegal tickets!

Taking some pics to kill time!
These yachts were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G


Blayr robbed the flower bushes and gave Tiff and I these cute flowers!!! Thanks Blayr!


Dustin and I

The beautiful Atlantis Resort

Here are a few pics from inside...

What you see when you first walk out of the hotel...Breathtaking!

This slide goes through a shark neat!

sharks! (you can see the slide behind them!) Fun!

The water was unbelievably turquoise! I loved it!


Blayr, me, Tiff, and Bradi

Kissy faces;)

Me and Alley

Goodbye Altantis

Tiff and I stalking up on candy for the 2nd time! Mmmm Mmmm

Our henna tattoos from the Atlantis's amazing how many people, who have known you for years, ask if it's real! SERIOUSLY?! Ha ha

Our last supper....;)

So sad it's all over, but...Until next time....


Camille said...

Cute post!!!! I am WAY jealous! Next time we're going!!!! (wishful thinking) :)

Beth said...

Looks so AMAZING! And FUN! I am jealous! Your so gorgeous Tash..your friends are cute too. I am so glad you had fun & were safe. Looks like a good time, I love all the silly pics of jumping and kiss faces. Cute! Thoes are the best pics!

Luke and Mariah said...

Tash! You are so freaking gorgeous my friend! ANd the most photogenic person EVER! I love your pix, in fact I stole some of them. That's why blogging is so fun! I love you dearie! See ya this wk!

Hansen's Happenings said...

Wow!! Tash you are so beautiful!! Looks like you had such a fun trip!! So, so jealous!!