Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Here Come's Peter Cottontail....

Hoppin' down the Bunny Trail...
And so we did!
We spent Easter weekend with my Mom and Jerry exploring the great outdoors, hiking, and eating! We stayed in a littel motel in Blanding, and visited Natural Bridges National Monument, Hovenweep National Monument, and Arches National Park! It was SO much fun! I had never been to any of these places before, and I still cannot believe how GORGEOUS all of it was! We really do live in such a beautiful state!;)


Ok, so my hand looks like it is in a wierd spot...but I promise, it's just an illusion! ha

Mom and Jer!

Dustin looking out over the Dugway...

Tryin' to look like Royalty at this castle!;)

See the HEART rock?

Hmm....no comment;)

Mom, you make a GREAT indian!!!

Yes, we got in trouble for this! Don't recommend! ha I am the paranoid one of the group!

See the horse? I thought this was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! It really does make a perfect horse!

Little Monticello Temple!

PEACE! Me and Ma at the top!

You can see Delicate Arch in between us...ya, we were pretty far away!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


Camille said...

Ok so here's the new "LAW"! NO MORE pictures of Momma Chubs til I lose a few!!! GEEZ! I'm packin some CHEEKS aren't I!?!?! Cute post (minus the pics you HAD to put on of me)! LOVE YA POCAHONTAS!

Cole, Heather, and Brylee said...

Looks like you all had a great time. Brylee and I loved looking at all the pictures, it gives us a chance to work on names. So the more you post the better she will know you...just a little insentive!!!

Beth said...

Oh Camille and your comments! Sheesh! I wish I had them cheeks! Your gorgeous!

Tash looks like so much fun, Ive been to Blanding once, for a funeral. Never seen all them places... I love all of the pics!
Love your PEACE shirt :)

I also love your layout and your header. cute!

Dresden said...

I love comments just as much as you do! Looks like you guys are doing well too! Good luck with finals this month...I'm sure you feel the same way I do...stressed!

Corey and Arleen Jensen said...

Did you put Miracle Grow on your hair??? Wow it is long again:) Do you know where you guys are going this year??? Hope all goes well. Miss those good-ole days in kindergarten.