Monday, October 26, 2009

When life hands you lemons...make lemonade?!

Maybe this saying would be a little more inspiring and uplifting if I could make Dt. Dr. Pepper out of lemons...but I can't and therefore, I am just stuck with the lemons.

Every single year, and as I disgussed with you towards the end of the summer, I stress. Maybe it's normal, and I am sure it is, but as of lately it has went from stress to over-flippin'- whelming. Sometimes I just have to break I did earlier today...sorry babe! I told you all I was going to try to be better, and I have tried...but I am only human I guess.

(apology for all the venting...but it tends to be very theraputic)

Now on to happier things...fewww

This past week/weekend we had so much going on. I had a HUGE test to study for, a Relief Society lesson to prepare, we had a wonderful wedding to attend, and our annual Platinum Party. With the exception of the test and the Relief Society lesson, we had a great week/weekend!

Our Platinum party was at a fun club called The Depot at the Gateway Mall. They had some Latin band, and latin dancers (one lady was bigger, as in muscular, than The Rock himself...she could have taken out her partner with her pinky lie!) Costa Vida and Cold Stone catered the party, good food is always a plus! It was great to see everyone, and to be able to relax and have some fun!

The girls...and Ladd!

Me, Tiff and Alley

Poor Dustin is cut out of this picture...but this is our group from our D.C office!

Quickly, I would like to congratulate Buzz and Camille Black on their wedding. They were so cute and their friends and family gave the funniest the newlyweds are off in Hawaii enjoying the heat while we freeze here in Utah! Not fair...;)

Dustin's news...

Dustin was offered a job at Alltel this past week! He applied Thursday night, so hopefully we will hear from them soon! It will be nice for him to have a job and keep busy during the winter. He is really excited about it, and I couldn't be happier for him. Good luck babe!

He also was asked to coach the little girls Junior Jazz team. (cute, huh???) They have tryouts tomorrow and he can't wait to pick his team! The poor girls are really in for a treat, he started blabbling to me stuff he wants to teach them, and that he isn't sure if they are able to do and learn all of these really cool things yet....(ya, it was all jibberish to me, but hey, it all sounded cool) He hopes to have his cute little cousin Mischa on his team, so I am so excited start attending their games! We hear she is awesome!

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Camille said...

We gotta keep ya out of the Stress-Slump! Jer will have to take you out for sushi!!! I would come but I might GAG!!! Your party fotos are cute!!! What a fun group! :) Tell Dustin GOOD LUCK and I want a discount on a new phone! j/k Love you both and good things are comin'!!!!!