Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tis' the Season for BASKETBALL!


At this very moment...we are camped out in the living room for the next 2 hours, eating and cheerin' on our favorite basketball team: GO JAZZ!

Today is the first game of the season, and you better believe that nothing could stop us from sitting here and watching like faithful fans! And, as you all know...during game season, we NEVER miss a game. NEVER! Dustin was pretty shocked when he came home tonight to find that the game was already on! Yep, that's right, I am one heck of a wife...who knew that of all things, that is the first thing he noticed! Not, the game food I had prepared, or the homemade bread, but....that's right...the game was on!

Now, let's get ready for a great season....GO JAZZ!


Camille said...

Yay! Gotta love Jazz Fever!!! Too fun :) Now we just to get up to a game!!!!!

Melanie, Trevor and Everett Mangum said...

Sweet if you ever want to have a Jazz party let us know! Your too cute preparing all the mix for the game LOL PS those jalapenos on the chips look bomb :)