Monday, August 3, 2009

The Randomness and Joys of Summer...

Summer is nearly coming to an end, and as I sit here with Dt.Coke in hand, on my couch, I can't help but realize how much I am going to miss the carefree life we live here in Maryland! Although, I do work, it is hardly anything compared to this past year of working 3 jobs! I was so busy all of the time that I could never relax and enjoy life! Welp, now...Here on this blog...I am promising that although it is going to be another chaotic year when we get home, I am going to try to be a little more relaxed and STOP stressing about so much. You all know that I am a MAJOR stresser, and it is so dumb! Half of the time it is over things that I can not help or change! a few months I will let you know how well I do...ha ha. Wish me luck..again!

On to the weekend...

First and foremost, Tiff and I indulged in some sushi, shopping and bubble tea on Friday. We both had the day off so we thought we would take advantage of it! I tried some different sushi rolls, and I LOVED them! I wasn't supposed to shop, but somehow I ended up with a pair of earrings, and a necklace and a CUTE headband...not too much:) And the bubble tea was great, of course! The first time I tried it was in St. G this past year, and I noticed the Columbia Mall had a place that sold it so we HAD to indulge! Mmmm

Then on Sunday, we all went out for some seafood at a great resturaunt, Cantler's, in Annapolis. I LOVE seafood. This was....your average, right on a dock seafood kind of place. It was great, but the smell bothered me a little, I won't lie!

The Group

My kids meal....

And...Dustin' s King Crab Legs!!! Mmmmm


After lunch we went to Sandy Point beach. I had a great time laying out visiting with the girls, and Dustin had fun with the guys roping in seagulls, catching crab, and playing in the water!

Here is a video of the beach, and the beautiful view of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

The Guys

They Girls

This was a dead jellyfish that Zach found...Yuck!

And...a live one that Steve found. Did I swim? Of course not! SCARY!

Dustin and his girlfriend Stevana! ha ha

Zach roped in a seagull! So funny!

Well...til next time....chow!


Camille said...

Pretty pics of the Beach Tash! And I must say Dustin's "girlfriend" has a package...SCARY! I'm just sayin'...... :))))) Tee Hee! Looks fun and I'm glad you got to go! But listen, we are having an ocean appreciation class when you get home! YA BIG CHICKEN!!! Did I teach you nothing!!!

Dustin and Matasha said...

Ha ha...Ya his girlfriend does have a package..Yuck!:) And come on now ma, I LOVE the water...its the CREATURES I don't like! I need an ocean full of dolphins...ha...then I would be fine! At least they are smart enough to save you! And, if you had seen SHARK WEEK on the discovery channel you would understand...ha Love ya