Sunday, July 26, 2009


Lately, I don't exactly know why, but I have felt so stressed and overwhelmed. Possibly because we are in week 13, and the end of the summer selling season is coming up (which is EXTREMELY stressful considering Dustin is trying to reach his sells goals) and I am getting ready to go back to school! Yes, you heard me right...I am starting back up at Snow to finish up two pre-reqs that I need to have before I apply for the Rad Tech outreach program through Weber State. After a lot of debate, and going back and forth on career choices, I have FINALLY made a decision.(Thank you Bree for ALL of your help! It meant so much, love you!!!) Deciding to be a Radiology Technician just fell into place with location, future plans, and the stability of going medical! (which I LOVE!) I have always been the type to watch any show that shows gory surgeries, injuries, and plastic surgery. I find it so fascinating ! I am very relieved that the decision has been made and I am working towards a specific goal! Wish me luck, because I am going to need it=)

We had a great weekend of dining out, date night, and touring!

Before we headed out for some sushi with our friends, we HAD to stop by some of the "single guys" apartment so Dustin could practice his guitar skills. He wants to learn SO bad, and I must say, he is pretty darn good for a beginner!

Saturday night, was our FIRST date night since the since coming to Maryland! Holy cow! We are usually pretty good about having date night, but this summer...not so much! When Dustin got home from selling we jumped in the car and headed to the movie. As much as we LOVE spending time with our friends, it's always nice to go out--- just the two of us!

Sundays are our only days to really get and do things. So...we decided this past Sunday to go the International Spy Museum with Josh and Allayna. It was very interesting. It shows you different equipment spies use to eaves drop on their enemies, it tells you what a spy gives up and what they put on the line to be a spy, it talks about different situations in history where spies helped determine huge decisions, and spies who have been caught and interrogated. It covers it all! We were able to crawl through vents and hear fake much fun! D.C has the highest number of spies in the nation...hmmm...makes me take a second glance at people I see on the streets!
Ha, maybe I live with a spy...he looks like one!
Josh and Alley! So cute...
Quick picture before hopping on the metro!
Today, Alley, Court, Brooke (Ty's girlfriend), Kellie and I went to lunch at a little resteraunt nearby called Carolina Kitchen. It has the BEST corn bread! Mmmmm. Afterwards, we dropped Kellie off at the apartments because she had to work =( and we went to the Columbia Mall for a movie and shopping. We decided to go see G-Force, in 3D! I must say, those stylish glasses are the coolest invention! We had a great time! Then...after a little shopping we came home and painted our toe nails!=D What a perfect "gilrie" day! (a picture of us girls with our rockin' glasses will be coming soon...)


Camille said...

How FUN! I'm so glad you guys got to go out on a fun date! I'm sure the Museum was neat :) I'd love to see it! Ask Dustin if I can come back!!! J/K He'd DIE!!!!!

Corey and Arleen Jensen said...

Can't believe that summer is over. IT has gone to fast. Glad you are coming back. See you when you get here.

Corey and Arleen Jensen said...

Are you planning on working at the school this year???

Peterson's said...

Such cute pics! and.....Seroiusly could you please be a little more tan and skinny. :) love ya.