Friday, May 29, 2009

Welocome to D.C

I must say, D.C has been anything but dull! Everyday is a vacation, and that is fine with me!;) It has been so much, and I just LOVE all of the girls out here with us! Everyone is so great!
Arleen (the teacher I worked with), and her family are visiting D.C for the week, so Allayna and I met up with them for some lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe! (The Haystack salad is AMAZING, I am so glad I got to go back!) It was so much fun getting to see them! I missed them so much, and it is always nice to have some visitors! I loved working with Arleen and her mom, they are always so much fun to be around! Arleen's little boy Garrett was in our class, and I had to laugh when Arleen told me that he said, "I wonder if Matasha's hair will be different again?" The little guy knows me well...;) Thanks again guys for lunch!

Lane, Aubrey, Garrett, and Korianne!

Getting ready to eat our lunch!!! Mmmm

I was trying to get a picture of Arla falling to sleep, but she woke up and gave me a smile! Thanks Arla!

Arleen's kids" Aubrey, Korianne, and Lane! They are so funny!

Garrett was all tuckered out from all the walking they had done that morning! Cute!

This was on our way to lunch, we wanted a metro picture!!!ha

This is a better picture of the house where Lincoln died. It's across the street from the Hard Rock so I thought I would get a picture of the whole thing while I was there!

Allayna and I went in to the souvenir shop for some t-shirts, and we got a little side-tracked taking pictures of the high-fashion clothes they sell there! And, yes, I know, I look like a dork! ha Allayna is still gorgeous even with a goofy hat on!

This is for you MOM! Love you!

Our Patriotic Shades! (I have no idea how people see out of these...)

From Patriotic to Gangsta

This castle/church thing is so gorgeous! I love that old Gothic style of architecture! I had to get a picture to show you all!

We took the metro going the wrong way on the ride home!...Darn, but we only went two or three stops in the wrong direction so, it could have been worse!

Inside the Metro! Whoever thought of this system is amazing!

As most of you know, I LOVE MOVIES! It is my favorite thing to go out to the movie and eat popcorn, and sip on a diet coke! A few of us girls have been so excited for the movie "UP" to come out, and today was opening day!!! Allayna and I got off the metro, and went to the apartments to pick up Courtney, and off we went to the movie theater! I absolutely love the humor of Disney and Pixar movies! If you get a chance, you HAVE to see this one! The little boy Russell is so cute and chubby, I just wanted to take him home with bad he just an animation:(

Waiting for the movie to start!

This theater was HUGE!

Court and Allayna!!!

Tomorrows post: the Capitol and the White House! Yay!

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Camille said...

I'm SO glad you got to see Arlene, Arla & the kiddies!!! FUN :) (And I love your hair dark, its cute!) Fun times! Can't wait to see more and hear all about it! Just'll be repeating some of it when we get there!!! TEE HEE :D Hey you'll really have that Metro down by then! YAHOO! By the Way, I love U 2 !!!