Thursday, November 8, 2012


My posts that are completely and utterly pointless, those are some of the funnest one's to write. I guess I really like coming to terms with how weird I am. It's great.

I decided today, that after years of hate and cruel jokes, I like cats. Ellen, (my blessing in disguise for daily laughter, )  showed the silliest cat video. After that, I decided I wanted one. Not an idea I would even want to entertain at the moment considering I have a dog I can barely raise, and a child who is busier than ever! It just baffles me, (baffles? not sure that's a real word, but it's perfect) that my strict way of thinking can be turned upside down with one talk show episode. I not only want a cat, but I want it to be fat. Yet another reason I shouldn't have one.

On to other things.

I also, still, love short hair. And since my husband would probably never be able to look at me twice if I cut mine, I'm gonna share a pic or two that I look at just for pure pleasure and wishful thinking.

So, there is even a story behind this picture.
Two years ago, I came across a pic of this hairstyle. I loved it. I took a picture of the picture, and kept it on my phone just so I could lust over what will never be on my head. Then, miraculously, I was graced with it's presence on google again today. And, I had to share.

It's not my #1 anymore, but I still love it. And we have a history;)
Another beauty.
sleek perfection.
I can see long, flowy, beautiful hair, and think it's gorgeous. I'm human. But, if I see a cute short hairstyle. I become envious. It's the best. Short over long. That's all I gotta say. This gene was inherited by my dad, who is goo goo ga ga over short hair. Thanks dad.
And that folks, is what I do to brighten a dull day. Look at fat cats and short hair.


Januari and Jaden said...

Oh my Tash! You are hilarious & just what I needed today! Love ya!

Camille said...

Well your Dad would LOVE you for the short hair part so it just MIGHT would make up for the liking cats that he would HATE!!!LOL See, Diva the possessed cat wasn't so bad after all!!!! :)

Tyson and Lana Hansen said...

I love short hair too I just hate that awkward in between medium hair when you're growing it out. But I think you would be so cute with a short cut like that!! I say do it!! The day I colored my hair dark I asked Ty if he would like it and if I should and he said no...I didn't think he'd look at me again either but he actually loved it! So I think Dustin would love it to...or learn to love it ;) (That's what I always tell Ty, it'll grow on ya ha! I'm so mean)

Wes and Lindsey Cardall said...

You have the face for it too. Only people with good face shapes and pretty faces look good with short hair. You could pull anything off though - long, short, medium,... - you're so cute. And the fat cat thing cracks me up! haha not sure I'm sold on fat cats but glad you are! :)