Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boy oh boy...

How did I forget to blog the most anticipated time of the year....

And since I am in the middle of homework, and have the attention span of a 3 year old, I need a break already. So, what better time to blog than right this very second?! Except, the hubs tries to keep me on track so I have to nonchalantly switch screens when he comes around;) Just a heads up.
So, if you started reading my blog after October of last year, you probably don't know how much I love.adore.worship.look forward to...Girls Weekend. (Yes I capitalize it. It's a new Holiday. Get used to it.)
If you don't do Girls Weekend. You should.
Every year, in October, Mama Urs, Bush, and Myself take a few days and go to St. George. Here is what we do. Eat, Shop, Orange Peel, Shop, Tuacahn, movie, Sleep, Next day: Eat, Shop, Orange Peel, Shop, Tuacahn, Sleep, Day 3: Orange Peel, Shop, Eat, Movie, Head home. Got it?
We 3 amigos, find ourselves to be hilarious, and we laugh the entire time. Like, pee your pants laughing. I enjoy saying inappropriate things that makes Ma go in to severe shock, and sis just listens and laughs while watching all of this go on. It's great.
Here's our trip through pictures:

 Exchanging our "favorite things."
 Mom and her amazing talents!

 Bubble Smoothies...To die for!

Holy crap. We thought this was fake.

 We hate that we are all grown up now...we want mamma to push us still...!:(
 Models in the making for Claires.

" Hey, I mustache you a question?!"

Hi, I'm a sloth. Not sure why, just go with it!
 2 words. Pitch Perfect. Best movie, and hilarious. This is my sis doing her version of the sideways run...priceless sis, priceless.
Only 330-ish days til next time....


Camille said...

OH DEAR!!!! Craziness makes the world go round!!! :) I look forward to it too!!! Can't wait til next year either!!! Geez I LEARN Soooo much from YOU!!!!! Get ready to be embarrassed because you KNOW Kayla and I will cry during MARY POPPINS!!!! LOL

Wes and Lindsey Cardall said...

Looks like a blast! We call ours "Sister's Retreat" Those bubble smoothies look interesting. Never heard of them before. Thanks for sharing your craziness. So much fun :)