Wednesday, December 28, 2011

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year....

Mecham Family Christmas Party 2011

Poor Jaiya was SO sick. I had woke her up from a nap just before leaving for the party, and she had a fever of a 102! By that night it was up to 104:( Needless to say, she struggled a little bit to stay happy during the party, so we left a little bit early.

It makes me feel bad to sit her on Santa's lap when she is this mortified of him:(

Christmas Eve with Grandma and Papa Johnson

Every year, the Johnson side of our family gets together on Christmas Eve to exchange gifts. It's became a fun tradition. I know when I was little I would have given ANYTHING to open a present on Christmas Eve!;)

Jaiya LOVES Papa!

Grandma Candi opening her gifts;)

Jaiya LOVED her presents!
Her new pony

Opening presents is exhausting...she fell fast asleep on Aunt Chas!

Christmas Eve Party at Grandma and Papa Mason's

Jaiya's Santa pictures all look the same! She isn't his biggest fan...:( ha ha
Getting her books from Grandma and Papa!

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Camille said...

Cute pics!!! MAYBE next year Jaiya will become pals with old St. Nick!!!! :) I hope so!!! What a fun Christmas for all of you though!!!!! We WUV ya!!!