Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Are a girls best friend!

When Dustin and I were picking out my wedding ring, I wasn't very fond of adding a band with it. Well, that didn't last long. About a year later, I changed my mind, and decided I DO want a band. Dust told me that maybe I could get one for our 5 year Anniversary. I agreed to that idea...

Well, in March it will be 5 years, and I got my gift a little early...(Christmas/5 year Anniversary!)

After taking a very dreaded test, and studying/stressing myself to near death, Dustin wanted to cheer me up...I came home from Salt Lake, and he told me he had a suprise for our Anniversary..."Our Anniversary? It's not til March! We haven't even had Christmas yet!" (Dustin is HORRIBLE with suprises;) After debating the rest of the day whether or not he should tell me, thinking he probably couldn't get my wedding ring to Shane Co. without me knowing so he could find a band himself, he decided to tell me. He went and got the laptop, pulled up Anniversary bands on, covered my eyes, and when I opened them...

Boy was I suprised!

I honestly didn't even think he remembered that he had told me that nearly 4 years ago!

So, when we went up to visit Lily and Rolf at their condo (on the 23rd), we made a stop at the Shane Co. on the way, and I picked out a band! Not thinking I would get it that day, Dustin told them we would take it, and they had it ready the following Tuesday! (yesterday) I LOVE IT.

Thanks babe.

I truly am married to the best husband ever!


Camille said...

So pretty on you!!! "Rust" is the BEST!!! That is a true statement!!! We love him too!!!

Zach and Tiffany said...

Very pretty sis!!! :) miss you lots!