Friday, August 26, 2011

Oh for the love....

of Decorating.

I think I need to simmer down a little on the re-doing...It seems to be monthly at this point, and I can see it in Dustin's eyes that he is about ready to put me on a strict NO NEW IDEAS diet! But, I think he is extremely happy with the outcome of our new kitchen.

Just a little explanation for my need to feed my addiction:

Rest of the house=warm colors

Kitchen=cold colors


kitchen - needs warm colors to match the rest of the house.


No exaggeration, I went through about 200 shades of blue before I decided on this one! This pic makes it look a little more on the blue/blue side, and it's actually like a dusty turquoise/blue. Therefore, it blends with my turquoise in my living room.

Notice my new table? I LOVE it. This pic only shows 5 chairs cause #6 is on it's way.
Chair #6 that's on it's way looks like this one... I about died over the legs...I am a sucker for detail like this!



Fell in love with this...I HAD to have it! (of course)

And here's a pic of the entry-way. It used to be tan but I painted it a yellow-ish mustard color to set it apart from the living room...
I also painted 1 wall brown in my living room...I wanted the entertainment center to POP!

And I dry-brushed my brown mirror with some turquoise to give it more of the rustic look I like!

Now you see I have an addiction...I need to slow down a hopefully school keeps me busy (or better yet, entertained) long enough to take a break from decorating.

P.S. Jaiya is now crawling...just a few little steps then she plops on her belly & she got her first front tooth on the top right!


Camille said...

I found a "Decorators Anonymous"! It won't be bad! :) J/K You do a good job! Now do MINE!!!!!

youngkinfam said...

Man, that yellow/mustard is the color I wanted for our basement, exactly, but ours turned out to freakin yellow! We bought a sample and put it where is was dark, stupid, then did the whole thing and i about died. Oh well, we are stuck with it now! Love your house, look georgous!

Our Family said...

wow that all looks really good, I think either way you do looks great!!good luck with school

The Adventures of J K & L said...

Was the kitchen red and black before? I cant remember. All I know is I LOVE it now! GOOD JOB GIRL!