Tuesday, August 16, 2011

8 Months

Boy, 8 months has come fast! I can't believe my baby is getting big so quick, but every new step is so much fun. I love watching her grow and learn new things.

Jaiya Facts:

24 1/2 in. long

21 lbs.

12 months clothes

size 2 shoe

Jaiya says, " Dada" (1st word), "Mamma", "Hi", "Ba ba", and "Pa pa"!

She scoots on her bum across the floor to play with the DVD player/XBOX!

She wakes us up by yelling, "DA DA..DA DA...DA DA..." It's so cute!

She can stay up on all fours, but doesn't crawl just yet...scooting must be cutting it for now!

She loves her cartoons! They could entertain her for hours!

She has 2 bottom teeth!

Gives kisses.

Eats ice out of our mouths. It's hilarious.

Pinches your face. Fingernails or not it HURTS!

Bounces on her bum til she almost stands up! ha ha. Sometimes it's a little too hard and she lands on her face:(

Goes right to bed when we put her in her crib.

We love our little Jijjy-bug!


Camille said...

Ohhh our cute lil chub-meister!!! I love her SO very much!!! What a cutie! I've GOT to owrking on her saying "Gwamma"!!! :)

Luke and Mariah said...

Oh my heck Tash! I seriously can't believe how adorable she is! And I didn't realize Jaiya and Ada are only 4 months apart! Hope you guys are doing great!!

Callen and Kellie said...

She's adorable Tash! I hope we can see each other sometime soon, it would fun to catch up...