Sunday, September 12, 2010

A camping we will go..

Dustin and I did not go camping 1 single time this summer:( Come to think of it, we never do, because anytime we go to the mountains, it's to the cabin (WHICH WE LOVE) with Mom and Jerry. So, as far as camping goes, we haven't been in probably 2 or 3 years... This past weekend, we got together with our friends Josh and Allayna and took a 1 night camping trip out to Maple Grove...We had a great time.


Dustin and Josh went fishing the next morning without us, so...we decided we would try to show them up, and we snagged a pole, and went out looking for a good fishing place...

This is what we found;)

And we each caught a fish!

Yes, we even gutted them ourselves! Impressive, I know;)

28 Weeks

Only 11 weeks to go!
Baby is healthy and full of energy. She kicks all day long! I can't say I mind, though, cause every time she kicks it's just as exciting as the first time I ever felt her. Dustin probably feels like I am a broken record, I am always having him feel my stomach or watch her move. She seems to be getting stronger by the day. I love to just sit and watch my stomach bulge and jump as she moves around.
I had an ultrasound last week, and we found that baby has definitely got some hair! That's a relief considering I had a TON, and Dust was a toe head! We weren't sure who she would take after, but so far I take the lead...;)
My stomach is huge! Bending over has become next to impossible. I have to turn my toes out and bend with my legs instead of at my hips. I am sure it's extremely flattering, but whatever works right?!
I am starting to feel tired again, like I did the first trimester. I try to make sure I get plenty of rest so I have the energy to make it through work and school. It seems to be working, but the minute I walk in my door I crash...I turn in to a big blob and stay on the couch til bedtime. I do, however, fit in eating, a hot bath, and talking to Dustin on the phone.

Some new symptoms:
*I feel short of breath: I have to take in long, deep breaths often to feel as though I am getting enough air.
*I find that I spend approximately 90% of time in the restroom...I just can't get that part under is getting bigger and sitting right on my bladder;)
*I can't eat near as much in one sitting. I get too full, too fast, and that is a huge contributor to my shortness of breath, so I have resorted to grazing...smaller meals more often.
*My clothes are definitely getting tighter. Mainly just my shirts. I am still in my jeans and I have not bought anything maternity at this point. Hopefully I won't have to considering I only have a couple of months left.
*I have noticed a red tint in my hair. I try to dye it really dark to get rid of it, but it just doesn't disappear. I actually noticed it at about 4 or 5 months in to my pregnancy, but I thought it was just the brand of dye I was using at the time...nope, it's my hair...lovely...;)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Labor day weekend we spent our time up at the cabin with mom and Jer! We watched TONS of movies, ate LOTS, and went on a 4-wheeler ride!
Thanks Ma and Jer for the fun was great!

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Our house is just getting better and better. We spent all spring working on the landscaping (my input was dictating where things should go considering I have a "bun in the oven"), and we have also been working on some projects for the inside of our house.

(Notice our new shutters...they defnitely gave the house a more "finished" look.)

John Bar and Dustin made our cute mailbox, and I LOVE it. They did a great job.

We re-finished this desk that we bought at a yard sale a while back. $30 was all we paid for this beauty. I would say that's fair considering the spiders, spider eggs, and gross-ness that came with it. YUCK.

Thanks to Tiff for her generosity in sharing this wonderful site that has great ideas for re-finishing furniture! I used this "glazing" technique for my next two projects, and it turned out great! It was exactly what I needed to brighten up my living room. It just needed...something...and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Chas gave me this cute shelf....BEFORE


END TABLES- $15 each off of KSL...I love bargain shopping!

(before glazing that is)
My sweet hubby had them painted for me when I got home from work so that all I had to do was glaze. Thank you babe! We didn't get a before picture cause we completely spaced it, but they had that 70's-80's look to them...a dark brown, wood look with bright gold so cute. But, now, they are just perfect;)



Next, the babies room, and finishing our basement...;) Can't wait.