Sunday, September 12, 2010

28 Weeks

Only 11 weeks to go!
Baby is healthy and full of energy. She kicks all day long! I can't say I mind, though, cause every time she kicks it's just as exciting as the first time I ever felt her. Dustin probably feels like I am a broken record, I am always having him feel my stomach or watch her move. She seems to be getting stronger by the day. I love to just sit and watch my stomach bulge and jump as she moves around.
I had an ultrasound last week, and we found that baby has definitely got some hair! That's a relief considering I had a TON, and Dust was a toe head! We weren't sure who she would take after, but so far I take the lead...;)
My stomach is huge! Bending over has become next to impossible. I have to turn my toes out and bend with my legs instead of at my hips. I am sure it's extremely flattering, but whatever works right?!
I am starting to feel tired again, like I did the first trimester. I try to make sure I get plenty of rest so I have the energy to make it through work and school. It seems to be working, but the minute I walk in my door I crash...I turn in to a big blob and stay on the couch til bedtime. I do, however, fit in eating, a hot bath, and talking to Dustin on the phone.

Some new symptoms:
*I feel short of breath: I have to take in long, deep breaths often to feel as though I am getting enough air.
*I find that I spend approximately 90% of time in the restroom...I just can't get that part under is getting bigger and sitting right on my bladder;)
*I can't eat near as much in one sitting. I get too full, too fast, and that is a huge contributor to my shortness of breath, so I have resorted to grazing...smaller meals more often.
*My clothes are definitely getting tighter. Mainly just my shirts. I am still in my jeans and I have not bought anything maternity at this point. Hopefully I won't have to considering I only have a couple of months left.
*I have noticed a red tint in my hair. I try to dye it really dark to get rid of it, but it just doesn't disappear. I actually noticed it at about 4 or 5 months in to my pregnancy, but I thought it was just the brand of dye I was using at the time...nope, it's my hair...lovely...;)

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Camille said...

Hey Red!!! :) You look cute as ever my lil daughter!!! Hang in there! Our angel will fly into your arms SOON!!!