Monday, September 6, 2010

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Our house is just getting better and better. We spent all spring working on the landscaping (my input was dictating where things should go considering I have a "bun in the oven"), and we have also been working on some projects for the inside of our house.

(Notice our new shutters...they defnitely gave the house a more "finished" look.)

John Bar and Dustin made our cute mailbox, and I LOVE it. They did a great job.

We re-finished this desk that we bought at a yard sale a while back. $30 was all we paid for this beauty. I would say that's fair considering the spiders, spider eggs, and gross-ness that came with it. YUCK.

Thanks to Tiff for her generosity in sharing this wonderful site that has great ideas for re-finishing furniture! I used this "glazing" technique for my next two projects, and it turned out great! It was exactly what I needed to brighten up my living room. It just needed...something...and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Chas gave me this cute shelf....BEFORE


END TABLES- $15 each off of KSL...I love bargain shopping!

(before glazing that is)
My sweet hubby had them painted for me when I got home from work so that all I had to do was glaze. Thank you babe! We didn't get a before picture cause we completely spaced it, but they had that 70's-80's look to them...a dark brown, wood look with bright gold so cute. But, now, they are just perfect;)



Next, the babies room, and finishing our basement...;) Can't wait.


mason said...

So cute! Wow I am impressed. You guys have been busy!

Our Family said...

looks so good! you guys have good taste when it comes to decorating and redoing things!! fun fun fun

Layna said...

absolutley BEAUTIFUL!!

Wes and Lindsey Cardall said...

I wish I was a good decorator, but I'm not! So how bout you hop on a plane and come decorate my house in Louisville?! That's not too far right? :)

Adam and Dev said...

Way cute, Tash! Makes me want to go do crafty things! I love that blue you used too :)

Camille said...

You lil Craft-meisters!!! They look great! :) Ummm...I need some serious help on my basement!!! (double HINT!) :) LUV YA!

Beth said...

I love all the color in ur house! It's so cute together!
Cannot wait to see little Miss' room!