Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For the Record

This past month, my blood pressure has played games with us, rising way above my normal readings. I watched it pretty good for a week, keeping a log for the doctor, and he decided that all was good. It was probably just rising from being on my feet at work. He said if it by chance rises above 140 systolic, or above 90 diastolic , that I would need to let him know.
With that being said...
I noticed I was a little flush in the cheeks on Monday, so right before I left work we checked my blood pressure. Normal for me is about 98/65, and it was 143/96... Well, the numbers were above what he asked me to watch for, so I gave him a call and he had me go in for an NST. Baby was doing rapid heart rate, and she moves regularly, but we did notice I was having contractions. Every 3 minutes to be exact. So, they took some blood, and gave me an IV to see if the fluid would stop them. (also checking to see if I was progressing anywhere else, which I wasn't) In the meantime I had an ultrasound, (baby weighs about 6 lb. 4 oz. right now!) and everything looks great. She is nice and chubby with plenty of fluid around her! The fluid from the IV wasn't stopping my contractions, so...Doc decided to give me a shot, some type of muscle relaxer, to stop them. Sure enough...after 4 hours in the hospital, the contractions stopped, and I was able to go home! Doc's orders are to take it easy and if I have contractions, get off my feet and see if they stop! The cause was probably related to being on my feet all day, stressing about school, and always being busy. So, we will try resting every now and then and hope we can keep her in at least another 2 weeks. I would hate for her little lungs to not be developed, or any other complication for that matter, so...we will keep you updated!
We had my shower this past weekend (pics coming soon), which turned out great, thanks to my WONDERFUL mom! Lots of loved ones were able to make it, and I am so greatful for all that we recieved! We are truly blessed.
Daddy didn't waste any time, and he got EVERYTHING set up from the shower; the stroller/carseat, pack-n-play, swing, and highchair. In the meantime, mommy got EVERYTHING else organized...It's all waiting patiently in the nursery for baby to arrive!
Lots of Love.


Nicki Swilor said...

I feel like I'm reading my own story here! Except that I got put on bed rest. Yuck! I hope it comes down and stays down for you! Good luck! I'll be praying that she stays in a little longer and that you have no complications! You're so close to meeting your little sweetie!

Adam and Dev said...

I'm excited to see your new baby and how you decorated the nursery! Good luck with everything, it will all be worth it when she arrives :)

Also, did you happen to get my package in the mail? I hope so! Sorry I couldn't make it down to your shower, but I hope you like the gift :)