Sunday, October 17, 2010

34 Weeks

and only 6 more to go...

Despite my "geriatric-like" symptoms (random rises in blood pressure, and some pressure on my nerves that make me hobble/limp around for a few minutes) everything has been GREAT!
I have gained about 20 pounds so far...
Our little one now takes up my whole tummy and she is very very active. She feels so big that at times her movements kind of hurt;) Especially those unexpected jabs to the rib cage!!!
Through ultrasound pictures we know she has LOTS of hair!
We got some great pictures of her in 3D sucking her thumb, and sticking out her tongue! Priceless! Technology is amazing!
Baby turned about a month ago, and she hasn't rotated again, so chances are she will stay this way til she is born.
We have finished her nursery!
Part of her Christmas has been bought...
and we are very anxious for her arrival.
Just a pic of the proud soon-to-be parents...;)


Mom was so nice, and planned another girls weekend down to St.G to see Tarzan at the Tuicahan and of course we fit in some shopping!
We had an amazing time...with LOTS of laughs!

And...CONGRATULATIONS to Cole and Heather on the arrival of baby Lillian Marie Sorenson!!! She is absolutely beautiful!
While I played with baby Lilly, cute lil' Bry Bry painted uncle Dustin's fingernails.

If any one would like a good laugh just take a look at this next picture...We went to Taco Time a few weeks ago for lunch, and the girl asked for my name...I said "Matasha", emphasizing the "Mmmm" as I always do, and this is what she got out of it...

ha ha ha ha! I have NEVER heard that one before...
Thanks for laugh girl at Taco Time!
I love it!


Zach and Tiffany said...

Tash you look so stinkin cute! We miss you two. I can't wait to meet baby Jaiya. She's going to be absolutely beautiful!!!! Seriously. We need to get together ASAP!

The Jolley Family said...

Pratasha, huh? Very interesting! ;) You look so cute! Good luck with these next few weeks!

Camille said...

Oh my cute lil pregger daughter!!!
Very cute! :) Still can't get over the "Pratasha" either!!! HOLY! Maybe she looked @ the pregnant tummy and put that together with your name & came up with it!!! ;)

Beth said...

Now look at that adorable baby bump! So cute!

Girls wknd looks so fun! Glad u got to go!

I didn't know Cole was expecting again, Love the 2 girls idea!

Patasha! LOL! Too funny!

the hopkins said...

Cute tash!! You're getting so close!! Glad you're having fun, and keeping yourself busy. The Pratasha thing is hilarious and totally made me laugh.

Kurt and Tara Heath said...

In highschool when Kurt and I would go to Taco Time they ALWAYS put KIRK and SARA! I started saving the receipts it was funny:)

You look so cute pregnant, cant wait to see your sweet baby girl!