Saturday, November 21, 2009

I have been....

Making Watchbands!;)

Yay! It has taken me a while to accumulate beads, but I finally have got most of them, and started this weekend! I have got 25 done last night, and tonight...fewwww...I have learned A LOT about the "bead business" through this new hobby of mine, and holy moly I could not believe how expensive some beads can be! But boy oh boy it is worth it! They are so fun!!! I wasn't planning on making watchbands or selling them for that matter, but I made some at a party, and FELL IN is so much fun to do! Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do! I am simply doing it because I love it!:) If you know of anyone, or if you need one for yourself or as a gift, I am now taking orders! Send me a message, call or text me, and I can have it to you, most likely, that day!

Here are a few pics...

I just wanted to hurry and post them since Christmas is coming up...If you have any preferences on colors, let me know, and I should have it, or I can get it;)...
Watchbands: $20.00
Faces: $10.00
Or buy 3 get 1 free

Phone #: 435-979-3957

Thanks and hope you are all having a great day;)


the winn-ers said...

that's so fun that you are making those! Me too, no one has them here, and it's a way for me to make some money!:) We should share ideas, (if you want) Where did you find all your silver beads, I am having such a hard time finding them?
Love you and miss you! Hope you have a super thanksgiving!

Nicki Swilor said...

These are so cute! I want one of each please! I really want to see them in person. I know for sure I'll be down for the Mecham party. Hopefully sooner.

Layna Bear said...

hey it is me again.... and I love watchbands. I call them Bumbles and I am going to have to have my mom talk to you about getting some more for me , for Christmas. They sure are cute!!

see ya,
Alayna T.