Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A few more bands....

Here are couple I made tonight...Enjoy!

Also, watch faces will be here sometime this week or next week...There are some fun ones coming! Some have rhinestones, some are different shapes, and some are the regular rectangle ones! I will post them asap!!!


Nicki Swilor said...

I'm seriously going to buy a bunch. Random question... Could you get some beads with like peace signs on them? I have 3 girls that I'm getting gifts for. They are really into like Ed Hardy style and peace signs. Could you do that. I'm sure they'd like these, but thought I'd ask if you could play around. I think I want 8! I love them so much! I need to think about color and all that still though.

Keeter Bug... said...

Hi Matasha its Keaten. Your blog is really cute and i love the watchbands there cute too. Is it ok it i add you as a friend on my blog?