Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tagged Again!

Lucky #7
Tagged by Kayla

7 Things I can do.....

7. I can Blog
6. I can Shop!
5. I can dance!
4. I can Eat Breakfast now! Yahoo!
3. I can spend all the time in the world with my neices and nephews!
2. I can Read a whole book...finally!ha
1. I can drink a gallon of vinegar in a week...maybe two...with my hubby.

7 Things I can't do.....

7. I can't develop patience! If I want it...I want it now!
6. I can't sing
5. I can't go a whole day without my mug filled with Diet Mt. Dew & Cherry! Mmmm
4. I can't go throughout the day on no sleep!
3. I can't miss my favorite T.V shows...just ask Jer!
2. I can't be without my phone!
1. I can't stand to be hot, hungry, or tired! hee hee

7 Things I LOVE about Dustin....

7. I love that he answers to all of the cooky names I call him!
6. I love that he makes me laugh!
5. I love that he is extremely patient with me!
4. I love that he understands every little thing about me.
3. I love that he is not high maintenance, but when you do things for him, he is so greatful!
2. I love his smile!
1. I love that he is so easy to talk to. I can tell him anything!

7 Things I say the most often are....

7. "What's up dogg" (annoying, I know!)
6. "Shhhhh! All eyes up here!" (teaching)
5. "Im so tired!"
4."Babe..." (in a whiny voice!)
3. "Lover!"
2. "Will you rub my back???"
1. " I love you!"

7 Celebrity Admirations....

7. Cloris Leechman (I love her on Dancing with the Stars! What a hoot!)
6. Matthew McConaughey
5. Angelina Jolie
4. Celine Dion
3. Hilary Swank
2. James Franco
1. Presidant Monson!

7 Favorite Foods....

7. Anything in Vinegar!
6. Mexican
5. Cafe Rio
4. El Mexicano
3. Pickles
2. Italian
1. Saltine Crackers

7 People to tag....

7. Tiffany N.
6. Annie
5. Tia
4. Heather
3. Karli
2. Ashlee
1. Tanya


Heidi said...

Hey Tosh! Your blog is too cute? It is so nice to see you around town again. Your still just as cute as ever! Keep in touch...

Kurt and Tara Heath said...

That is so funny that I got you addicted to the candy corns!! They are so good:) We will definitely get together- maybe this weekend- I will give you a call. Hope you dont mind Gav tagging along!! Talk to you soon

Mari Kjar said...

tash how cute are you. you always write the cutest things. just had to tell ya!

Logan and Dresden Robins said...

Hey Matasha,
Logan and I have our own blog so feel free to add us, it's We should get together sometime, it was so much fun spending time with you and Dustin at Bridger's wedding. Your blog is adorable! Keep in touch!