Monday, October 6, 2008


Isn't it funny how things almost NeVeR end up as originally planned? Dustin and I always said the closest we wanted to live to home was Payson or Cedar City! plans have changed!
For those of you who read my last post, the "Finding a Home Project" is now going in our favor. After weeks of counter-offering back and forth with the home-owners, we have came to an agreement on a price! Now, all we need to do is decide which loan we want to go with, and get in that darn house!!! I am so excited to finally get a place of our own that we can call "home!" At one point, I thought being transients was going to be our way of life...FOREVER!
I am so excited that we are going to be next-door-neighbors with Dustin's parents, and a skip, hop, and a jump away from my parents! We love spending our time with family, and this is very convenient. And for those who have rented for a while and finally got a place to live, know how a feel when I say...I cannot wait to be able to use our furniture that has sat in storage since the day we got married! Yippidy-do-da-day!!!
We cannot wait to get in the house, and as soon as we do.........we would love to have tons and tons of VISITORS!

btw, sorry I still have no pics! I will put some on soon.......very soon!


Brenna said...

Thats great Tash! I didn't think I would stay around here either, but we love it. Just think when you have kids you will have to great babysitters more than willing to tend. Chantri was so excited when she seen you in the store the other day, she came right home and told Kinsey "I seen Matasha today"

Camille said...

Hey everyone! Matasha only THINKS they're going to move out! HEE! HEE! I just might call the bank & tell them they moved back to Texas! Just kiddin' :) I'm happy for them! Now she can cook for ME!!!!!!