Saturday, April 5, 2014

Jaiya's New Room

We've really tried hard to make sure that Jaiya is 100% involved in getting her new room ready. Not surprising that she's absolutely loved it. I feel so bad we don't have enough room for her stay put where she is at now, but she really can't wait for the big change. I on the other hand, can.

The night Dustin decided to paint Jaiya's room, it was alreay almost 9pm...her bedtime. But, I couldn't bare putting her to bed and doing it without her, and the next morning we couldn't paint for some reason, probably work. So, we let her stay up. She didn't even take a break. She painted til her eyelids were literally so heavy I thought she'd fall over. It was so sweet. I love this little girl and all help she provides.

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Camille said...

It just tickles me that she is SO excited for it!!!! I think the change will be easier on her than we think! I sure love my Jijjy Bug!!!!!!