Friday, February 14, 2014

Blessed are We...

Great things have happened for our little family since I last posted.

Because of that, it's a little overwhelming to sit down and blog. But, I have to. I have so many things to share.

First. I am officially an MRI technician. I passed my boards in November and I am SO happy to be done and spend more time with my littles. It was a journey well worth it, but so emotionally exhausting being a wife, mom, student, a member of the Primary Presidency at church, and employee. I went through a lot to handle all of it, and so did my family. But, because of my amazing support system, we did it. I still am employed as an x-ray technician, waiting for our new MRI machine to be added to the hospital this April. Then, I will be given my raise, and work in the modality I worked towards. I still don't feel very....relieved. Oddly enough, I don't feel done. I still feel like I should be stressed and worried 24/7. Hopefully that goes away soon!

                                                        Celebrating at El Mex of course:)

Also in November, we were so happy to find out that baby Johnson #2 is on it's way. Due July 2014. Dustin and I had to decided to start trying for another one considering boards would soon be out of the way. I had my IUD taken out in August, assuming it would take a while with my endometriosis, but within 2 months we were blessed to be parent's once again. I had become so exhuasted, thinking it was my boards that was causing it, but after a trip up North to the Jazz game, we stopped on our way home to get a pregnancy test. It was 2am, and the minute we walked through the door, we had to find out. Dustin stood, holding the test, and looked at me with bright eyes announcing, "We're pregnant!" I was so happy. So was he. It's amazing. I feel a little more paranoid after working at the hospital, so we decided to announce it on Christmas day.Then I'd be almost 10 weeks. Jaiya opened a present with a book about being a BIG SISTER, and a shirt that said, " I'M A BIG SISTER." Mom and Jerry were there, along with Grandma Donna, to see her open her present. I couldn't wait to tell everyone. We had been to the NFR with mom and Jer hoping they wouldn't notice with my nausea that I was sick, we had Thanksgiving, and with all of the family functions, it stayed a surprise!!! Happily, Mom and Jerry teared up, but J on the other hand didn't quite know what to think. Understandable. It's a lot to take in. Mostly trying to figure out how a baby got in my tummy...

I'm now 16 1/2 weeks, and feeling great. Blood pressure is low so I'm dizzy, about 90/56 but, other than that, I feel wonderful. Since we found out, we have all felt that it was boy. Jaiya even came up with the name, Jaygon,  a couple months ago. Not sure where she got that from, but she made it up, and she loved it. She even made sure to gather votes from every one we would see...Although it's cute, we just aren't very sure that will be the name. At a little over 15 weeks we confirmed that it is in fact, a baby BOY! I cannot even tell you how happy I am to have one of each. It's so exciting!!!
Baby's looking healthy, and we have already since all limbs, fingers, and toes. My only concern about this pregnancy, is getting him here safe and healthy. Just like every other mother out there...

Pregnancy Cravings: Fruit and Milk
Weight gained: 8lbs. (yikes)
Maternity clothes: Not yet
Gender: BOY
Movement: I vaguely feel him every now and then, but by Ultrasound, he's definitely extremely active.

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