Sunday, September 18, 2011

Queen for a Day

Yesterday, we were able to go out for some yummy chinese food, and spend the afternoon with our Swiss grandparents Lily & Rolf.

{Lilly and Rolf have been a HUGE part of my life since I was 12-ish, maybe even earlier...They are from Switzerland and moved to the states about 20-25 years ago( not exactly sure on that). Lilly used to swim laps early in the morning at the Salina swimming pool where my mom was a life-gaurd, and we became very close with her and her Rolf. We have had several BBQ's at their house, great conversations, and some fun trips together! I absolutely adore these two people. They are the most generous, loving, and kind people you will ever meet. Everytime I, (or anyone else) visit Lily and Rolf, I leave with a bag full of Swiss chocolates, and any other treasure they happened to find one of's so sweet of them to ALWAYS think of us. We refer to them as grandma Lily and grandpa Rolf, and they claim us as family as well! I have many memories with them, and I am so happy that Jaiya and Dustin are able to spend time with them too! I am so greatful to have such great examples in my life!}

Rolf and I

and Lilly

Mom with Rolf and Lilly

After lunch, Dustin and I were going to go find Jaiya some earrings because the ones she had at the time were kinda turning a yellow-ish foggy color due to their "cheap-ness!" I literally spent like $5 on a pack of 4 they weren't the best quality. Lilly asked if she could get Jaiya some that could be from her....I wasn't too keen on the idea considering they already do SO much for us, but she is IMPOSSIBLE to persuade or convince otherwise! So we went to Wal Mart, an idea her and Rolf weren't fond of from the start, and we even looked in the cases at the nicer jewelry...her and Rolf decided they were all too cheap and not good for her delicate little ears, so we headed down the street to the Diamond Store...ahhh! I walked in and asked for the sterling silver jewelry and they REFUSED to look at least 24 kt. gold is the only thing we should buy...EVER! Nothing cheap because "it's not so good..." I had to leave the room...Rolf was forcing me to look at diamond earrings and I was NOT letting that happen! And by force I mean holding my back down to the jewelry case so I would HAVE to look. I have NEVER spent that much money in 1 place, EVER! That's not ideal for a 9 month old least I don't think so! Everytime I looked at a pair I had to ask how much they were and the knot in my stomach just kept getting bigger and bigger. I tried so hard to nicely get mad at them and say this was NOT happening, but all that came of it was them telling the clerk not to tell me the price because it didn't matter...Ummm, in what world does price not matter? Not mine!!! Needless to say, after about an hour of deciding, they settled on a beautiful set of 1/4 kt. diamond earrings...

Arent they gorgeous?!

Jaiya & her pretty diamonds, while playing at Grandma and Grandpa Grossenbacher's! Too bad she had to cut her eye open this morning...:( Poor thing! Her first REAL boo boo!

I still cannot believe it...the only diamonds I ever have owned are now on my left ring finger...which I didn't recieve til I was 20 years old...

Jaiya is definitely loved by many...;)


Camille said...

I honestly don't know what we would do or where we would be without these 2 WONDERFUL people in our lives!!! They have been there for both of us for a lot of years!!! They are truly one of our most treasured blessingss in our lives!

Whitney and Cari Higham said...

The earrings are beautiful! They look so good on little Jijjy Bug! Oh I just LOVE your family!