Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Fun Filled February.

-Our little J is getting so big! She is 14 lbs. 10 oz. and in the 97% for her weight! That's my girl! J is strictly on formula due to my lack of supply...and she eats almost 6 oz. during each feeding. Such a good lil' eater!

-She started trying to giggle last week, and it is so cute! It's not all the way there yet, but it's the cutest thing watching her progress! I love every little thing she does!

-We took her in to have her shots last Thursday, the 21st, and I am a bigger baby than she is when it comes to that kind of stuff. She was so giggly and happy and JAB right into the leg...her little heart was crushed, and therefore, so was mommy's!:(

-Almost every morning she watches cartoons and just coo's at the tv. Adorable. She loves anything on NICKJR!

-Bedtime is around 10:30p.m and she usually sleeps til 6 a.m. We really lucked out with her! She is the BEST baby!

-Her favorite toy is her gym. She loves it. She plays with it every single day!

My stylish babes! Her aunt Chas gave her those sunglasses, and grandma Mill posed her with her bunny for a little photoshoot!

J and Pappa!

Jaiya and Aunt Dez watching the Superbowl!

Look at this loveable face. She is the happiest baby;) She definitely melts mommy's heart!

Hub's birthday!!! He turned 4 on February 9th! What a funny kid. He is always pretending to ride bulls and always decked out in his cowboy gear pretending to be "Lane Frost!" He is a huge fan! Just like his uncle Jace.

Love my brother and sis...too bad Cole wasn't there!

I had class in Ogden, and our wonderful friends(and their grandparents) let us intrude and stay with them for a night! We went out for some delicious steak at Timbermine and then to the movies! We love spending time with these two. Always a blast!

On our way home we stopped in Bountiful to have dinner with some more wonderful friends, Zach and Tiff at Cafe Rio, and then dropped baby J off in SLC at yet another set of great friends, Jon and Jordan's house, while Dust and I went to the Jazz game with the tickets I got him for Valentines Day!!! ( He took me on a scavenger hunt around our house for V-Day which ended in money for me to SHOP, and took me out to dinner for some Chinese and then off to the funniest movie ever "Just Go with It!!!" We had a great day!) It was awesome that we were able to see so many of our friends while we were up that way!

Had turned 7 and J had the perfect outfit for Had's polka dot birthday party!
I took Had shopping for her birthday since that's what she asked for, and I am a cool aunt like that! Her cousin Kaylee came down for her party so me, J, Had, and Kaylee had a girls day out! We ate at El Mex and this was the pose the girlies gave me...aren't they little divas?!

I couldn't wait any longer so I tried putting J's hair in a ponytail. I LOVE IT! It is so tiny and pointy and she rocks it! This is one of my favorite pictures!

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Adam and Dev said...

She is so cute Tash! It's crazy how fast they grow huh?