Wednesday, November 17, 2010


After 15 weeks of training, Dustin has graduated from the Utah Department of Corrections Training Academy, class 249, and is now "Officer Johnson."

He got 90% in academics.

96% in PT.

and 90% in firearms.

For those who know Dustin, it will come as no suprise that he excelled in every part of his training. I am so proud of him for all of his hard work and dedication. He loves corrections, and is so excited to be starting his career.

My Handsome Hubby;)

Our brother-in-law, "Officer McDonald," presented Dustin with his certificate.

Anne, Kent, Dustin and I

Note: I will call these officers by their last names since that's all I know them by...;)

Workman, Johnson, Strausser, Hatch, and Ernest
Asay, Johnson, Rich

Hatch, Kennedy, Peterson, Johnson, and Workman

Major King, Dustin, and Lt. BJ

Craig, who is the Director of Programming over the state of Utah, has been a huge part of both mine and Dustin's lives since we were younger. We both love this man so much, and we are so thankful for all of his help, especially as Dustin has began his career in Corrections.

Dustin and his Mom and Dad

Mom, Dustin, and Jerry

Congrats babe! I love you!


Camille said...

YAY Officer D.J.!!!!!! It was SO nice and we are very proud of him! It was a special day :)

The Adventures of J K & L said...

That is awesome Dustin! WOW!!

Luke and Mariah said...

Tell Dust-Bust congrats for us! That's awesome!!

Markell said...

Yahoo!!!! Way to go Dust. Welcome to the world of non summer sales. hee hee. I knew you would do great you are always such a determind person. Taush it looks like you are still prego. keep me in the loop, when this little one REALLY makes up her mind as to when to arrive. Love you 2 and 8/9ths.

The Erdei's said...

Congrats! That is amazing! His scores are awesome! Glad that things are going well, now just to get that baby here.... LoL!

*kirstin* said...

Officer Johnson... nice! Congrats Dustin!! p.s. Can your baby get here already!!!