Tuesday, July 13, 2010

5 Months

We are at 20 weeks!

I feel absolutely GREAT.

I have definitely been growing, and so has our baby girl.

She is now the length of a BANANA from head to rump.

She is kicking a lot more. And I absolutely love it.

Daddy felt her for the first time the other night. It wasn't very strong but...he felt her.

His eyes lit up. I have been so excited for the day Dustin could feel her, it not only makes it more real for him, but we get to experience it together...

As for my eating habits:

I haven't been having any weird cravings lately. I just drink a lot of milk...at least its good for the baby;)

The bedding for the baby has finally came, and we are now going to begin on the nursery.

I LOVE decorating, and it has been so fun coming up with ideas for our little girl.

Her room colors are orange, pink, and green...;)



Camille said...

YAY!!! Let the shopping begin!...OH WAIT!... CONTINUE!!! :)

Adam and Dev said...

Cute Tash! Have lots of fun with the decorating :)

Beth said...

kicking was the MOST amazing feeling ever! Loved it! Loved that my husband felt the baby too.
Cute that Dustin's eyes lite(spell?) up when he felt her!
Can't wait to see the bedding and room.

Luke and Mariah said...

Can't wait to see what you come up with for her room! You look adorable Tash!!

Layna said...

I am way WAY excited!! Her room is going to be darling!! :) I can't wait for the 4 months of waiting to end!

Wes and Lindsey Cardall said...

Your little belly is so cute! I'm so excited for you! She's going to be one adorable baby in one adorable room :)