Tuesday, May 18, 2010

3 Months

My morning sickness is easing up...

My energy is almost back to normal...

My belly is growing...

Our baby is the size of a LIME!

I am now starting my 2nd trimester!!!

My pregnancy symptoms at this point:

I am repulsed by meat...trying to find something to eat is the hardest thing right now!

All I want is FRESH...Nothing that had arteries, veins, tendons, ligaments, fat, and lots of other things running through it.

Meat is NOT my friend.

Especially chicken.

YUCK. I gag at the thought.


JaRelle Bailey said...

3 months already?! Not to change the subject, but your rocks in your yard look good! I can see them in the picture. I think it turned out way nice. :) Miss you!

Nicki Swilor said...

2nd trimester is the best! You finally feel somewhat normal and have a cute little belly to show for it. I just hit my 3rd and am already so uncomfortable. haha Enjoy every second. Plus you'll start to feel the baby before long. It's the coolest. You are so cute!

Oh, and chicken is NOT my friend either. I can eat it if someone else cooks it, but even then I get queasy thinking about it. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Matasha, I was the same way! I had to have everything fresh! I couldn't eat any greasy meats.. like fast food! I can't believe you are already 3 months!! Im way excited for you!

K'Brina said...

I totally feel your pain. I lost 10 pounds during my 1st trimester. Try sucking on peppermint candies. That helped me, some of the time. And sipping on Coke. I don't know why that helped, but it did! Good luck. You have so many fun milestones ahead. It gets better, I promise!

Hansen's Happenings said...

Oh Tash - Hang in there! I was so sick too! Reading your post brought back so many memories! You will be such a wonderful mom. I am so excited for you!

Beth said...

Isn't it interesting what pregnancy does to you and how it can make you CRAZY!
I was so so so sick! I remember hiding in our room when Josh would eat with a towel over my nose and not come out until all dishes were done and a candle was on. I felt bad for him, he had to eat! It was the worst!
My sickness never went away!
Lets hope and pray next pregnancy is better!
You look cute as always!
I love the baby ticker! Cute cute!