Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dinner and Jazz Game

Yesterday was Dustin's junior Jazz team's last game, (which they won!) and we all celebrated by going to the Jazz game against the New Jersey Nets! (yes, the Jazz won too!) Their are several junior Jazz teams, and a lot of the players and their families from Salina made it up to the game! Before the game, we had dinner with Luke, Mariah, Dave, JaRelle, and the 2 babies at Rodizio Grill in the Trolley Square mall to discuss "selling" this next summer! Mmmm, it was delish!!!

Waiting patiently to eat...;)

Me and my handsome hub!

We snuck down, like we always do, to sit in the lower bowl with the Platinum crew! Much better seats than the 19th row of the upper bowl! ha ha
Dust and Luke before we headed home!
The coaching doesn't stop here for Dustin, he has been asked to coach the 8th grade boys travelling team... He is going to stay pretty busy with practices Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and games Tuesdays and Thursdays! He has loved it so far, and I am so excited that he is able to do something he loves!
Also, we were called today to teach the 7 and 8 year old primary class! Yay! This is our first calling in our home ward. We taught primary in Texas, and we really enjoyed being with the kids! I love primary!!! Wish us luck!;)


Camille said...

Well good luck to you 2!!! You don't need it because you'll both do a great job! With both of your testimonys and Dustins recent baptism you will be a great influence and example to the lil ones! :)

Luke and Mariah said...

It was SOOOOO GREAT to hang out with you again; I just miss you!! I wish I could've went to the game! Luke said it was a blast! I love you tons girl and we wanna come watch one of Dustin's games! Oh and Congrats on the calling!

Beth said...

Your so gorgeous!
I like that you "snuck" down to the lower bowl seating!

Dresden said...

I love your hair cut! Looks super cute! I hope all is well :)

Carly said...

How funny is that! We were there, and didnt see you.