Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here, There and Everywhere:)

I figured while Dust was out mowing the lawn, I would get a quick post in. Otherwise, it will probably not get done for a while!

Last Sunday, Dustin and I went with my mom and Jer Bear to Fish Lake to have lunch at The Bowery Haven. I had never been there before and...everyone be shocked...I ordered PRIME RIB! I know, I know, that is very much out of my element considering my love for red meat (NOT!), but maybe my body was cravin' a little iron...who knows?! Actually I think I was just craving horseradish...Delish! Anyway, the trip had to be cut short, cause my lovely Anatomy homework was waiting ever so patiently back home for me:( Boo!

Mom and Jer Bear showin' some love;) Ahhh

I just had to post this...I was taking a picture of Dustin cause I LOVE when he has a fresh hair cut, and I think after seeing this picture that Kezi likes it just as much as I do!!! She portrays my reaction to his new hair cut perfectly in this picture! ha ha

Dustin and Elder Noyes and Elder Tueller...such great missionaries!!!

On Friday night, Hadlee danced during half time at the Gunnison football game for Mini Drill Team. I love to watch her dance. It is so cute, she just eats up all of that attention! That-a-girl Herbie!!!

Now, on to the elder of us two...Dustin had his 5 year class reunion last night at the Salina Park! Wow, time flies...About 20 people, and some brought wives/husbands, showed up. We had hamburgers for dinner, and spent the rest of the time catching up! Thanks for everything JaRelle! (I also went to JaRelle's baby shower earlier, but I didn't get any pictures:()

My family from the class of '04. JaRelle, Kiley, and Dust!

I didn't get a picture of everyone that made it. By the time I remembered to take pictures about half of the party had left:( Oopsies. That's what I get for raddling my mouth too long!!! ha

From Left to Right: Josh McCann, Lee Jacobson, Rusty Bumgardner, Dust, Dexter Lewis, Jake Payne, Mike Crane, Emily Kirkwood, Shantel Johnson, Courtney College Crane, Matt Crane, and Kiley Heath and JaRelle Mason Bailey in the very front:)

Next year around this will be my turn!!! Whoa!

Lots of Love, XOXO


Melanie, Trevor and Everett Mangum said...

I love the reunion picture! I think the most shocking is Jake eheh Love the pics and glad you are having a good time. I will be moving to Redmond on the 15h of October, we should get together. Take care.

JaRelle Bailey said...

Hey thanks for getting a picture. By the time you remembered it, I figured it was hopeless considering everyone had mostly left, so I was thinking "ah, lets just forget it." But I'm glad you insisted and got a few pictures of at least a few people. I hate that I"m big and pregnant in them all, but that's life I guess. I owe you and Dustin big time though. Seriously-- I asked so many people for help and no one would. Then you guys just dropped everything and came to the rescue! I love you. Thanks for being such a true friend. Dave really wants to hang out with you guys next time we are home.