Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our Past Month's Events...

This past month has been so busy for Dustin and I. But for the most part, it has been a lot of fun! We have finally been able to hang out with our closest friends a little bit more now that the house is pretty much done! Some of the pictures I am going to post are from the end of February! (sorry!)

JAZZ game

On ------- I went to Ephraim for Jordan's bridal shower! It was so much fun and her friends did a great job putting it together. Jord and I have been friends since she was probably 1 and I was 3! Our mom's are best friends so we have many, many memories together! I love her to death, and I am so happy for her! Love you Jord! After the shower I drove up to Spanish Fork to pick Dustin up from selling and we met up with Zach and Tiff for dinner at Costa Vida (then some dessert at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory..:), and the Jazz game! It was the day after Larry H. Miller passed away, and it was neat to see them honor him and his family!

Grandma Lela

Dustin's dad called and told Dustin and his sisters that the nurses at the care center had called, and their grandma wasn't doing very well. So they all went over to the Centerfield Care Center to see her, and unfortunately, the next day she passed away. Although a death in the family is always difficult, I am so glad I had the oppertunity to meet her, and we know that she is in a better place.

The following-------- they held a viewing and a funeral for her at the St. Elizabeth's Catholic Church in Richfield. It was a very nice service and her whole family was able to be there in honor of her.

Mike and Candi (dustin's parents)

Our immediate family

Dustin and I at El Mexicano for the dinner ( Dustin's uncle Phillip gave us bunny ears...:)

The burial

The Grandkids

JAZZ game #2

The day after the funeral Dustin and I and his parents, all went up to the Jazz vs. Nuggets game. We had great seats on the 15th row! I must admit...I am Jazz junkie when you get me to those games! I yell and scream with the best of 'em!

Gotta love D Will! (sorry the pics are a little dark, I'll fix em' later)

The Jazz's #1 fans! Woohoo!

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Zach and Tiff nelson said...

OOOH Tash - that has to be the ugliest picture of me ever haha...I look like an old man! I'm glad you guys had so much fun in Vegas. I wish we were there at the same time :( Vegas is fun for a while and then you get a little sick of the smoke, alcohol, and porn hahaha...love you sista!