Monday, July 28, 2008

Kezi's New Habit

As some have heard me mention, Kezi has developed a new habit. We have no idea why she started doing this, but she did!
It all started when a few weeks ago I was blow drying my hair, and I looked over and noticed that Kezi was sitting on the edge of the bath tub. She got in the bath tub and started sniffing around. She would get in, then out, and in again.
Now, she tries to sit and watch us shower. So, needless to say, we now make sure the bathroom door is shut extra tight so Kezi can no longer get really creeps us out to have our dog watching us at all times!


Zach and Tiff nelson said...

hahaha...oooh Kezi is so dang cute! She just loves you guys :)

Preston & Shawnee said...

Oh my gosh this is seriously sooooooo cute. Haha I love it! It makes me want to get a dog cause that are just so much fun!! And I was just thinking how Kezi is such a cute name and it fits her perfectly :)