Sunday, June 29, 2008

fRiEnDs N fAm

My sis, Brady, and Hadlee before Houston was born.
I love them so much! Kayla is my very best friend. We have the best time together, playing American Idol, going to lunch, shopping, watching name it! I wouldn't be who I am today with out her. She is a great example to me and a wonderful mother and wife to her family. I love you sis!

April and I eating at the Tomato Vine where we used to work! We made dinner and hanging out a weekly ritual.

Beau-Chels-Paislie. Love You guys! And thanks Chels for the picture...

Kayla, Brady, Herbie and Hewie before Brady left on his 2nd tour to Iraq! Thank you Brady!

John Bar, Markell, Dustin and I all went to Moab for the weekend four-wheeling! We had so much fun. Although, John kept us on our toes with his crazy stunts!

With Rhett and Michelle at their reception.

Herbie and I posing for the camera!

Hewie, Say Cheese!

I just wanted to post some pictures of my family and friends back home, because I am missing you all so much! I hope everyone is doing great, and you are enjoying your summer! Keep me posted on what you are all up to...I Love You!
(This isn't everyone, but these were the only pictures I had)


The Quarnbergs said...

I am so glad you commented! you have always been such a sweetheart! You look like you are enjoying married life.

The Heath Family said...

Wow Tash are you really in Texas? I miss you and I am sure my girls do to. Great to hear form you!

Preston & Shawnee said...

Tash you've added lots of new pictures lately, so cute! It looks like you had tons of fun with your mom and friend out here!