Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Never a Dull Moment.

Girls weekend comes once a year. Every October. And it has become one of my favorite traditions!

I get so excited to spend time with the girls. Shopping. Giggling. Laughing. Eating. Movies. Tuacahn. Orange Peel. and SO much more.

This year we went to Tuacahn's production of the Little Mermaid, and Grease!

Coincidentally, both were HUGE childhood memories.

Kayla, my big sis, and I used to share a room (and a bed) growing up. Almost every night she would sing The Little Mermaid to me...something I'll never ever forget.

And Grease. Well that was just a family fave. I can't even count how many times we watched that movie. Classic.

1st Day

On the way down we stopped in Cedar to eat @ The Pizza Factory. Mmmm

We went shopping first thing. Even before checking in to our hotel...of course.

Kayla and I trying desperately to find my dad in this store...ha ha.
And the annual "Favorite Things" exchange.
Look how excited they are;)

Ooh me too!

Kayla opened her Birthday surprise...(Her B-Day was the following Monday so we celebrated)

Hee hee.

Now. I'm gonna attempt to explain this. But, it may sound extremely odd. Just a fair warning.

So...Once upon a time I started calling Kayla "Bushwacker"...I dunno why...I just give everyone nicknames and usually they are different every time. But, this one stuck. Unfortunately for her. Then, I shortened it to "Bush". Yes, "Bush". Sounds a little vulgar this day and age, but it has been the source of many great laughs. Anyway, Mom decided to make some T-shirts, after all she is the big 3-0, that said something about "Bush" on them. When she asked what I wanted mine to say..I said "Celebrate the Bush." Mom's said "Happy Birthday to our Bush-Wacker" and Kayla's said "Kiss me, I'm Dirty 30!" As you can see below, there is a pic of Kayla with a bush...ha ha. Priceless.

Arriving @ Tuacahn for "The Little Mermaid."

Yes, I have braces.

2nd Day

How appropriate is this considering we went to see Little Mermaid?! Seriously! I have my very own "dinglehopper!"

Sportin' the T's at our favorite spot- ORANGE PEEL!;)
No pics of Grease or of our trip to the movie Footloose, but we did manage to end the night with a 3 hour stay in the ER! Poor Kayla had bruises that kept forming up her arms that were swollen, and hard. We were worried so we thought we would be safe and take her in. Good news: all emergent tests came back negative!Last Day

Oh, and just because we had a few inches here and there to spare in the Enclave, we thought we would fill up and do some more shopping.

We may need an intervention...

We love movies. So we stopped on the way home to see "The Help." Highly recommend, but it's a tear jerker! Even for me.

Kayla gets 1 piece...

I get a handful.

And Ma get's the bucket...;)

Aww...what a perfect trip. There are many things in life I could live without...but these 2 I could not. I may be vulgar and inappropriate at times (pics not blog worthy!), but I love that I can comfortably be ME when I'm with them. XO

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I love every moment spent with these two.

They are what makes life so great...


Jaiya @ 9 Months.

Thanks to Picture This! Photography by Krista Schuaggard.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jaiya- 10 Months

Our little one is now 10 months and busier than ever.

Jaiya's Fun Facts:

-She LOVES Dora & Boots. She has a cute nightgown with Dora on it so when ever you ask her where Dora is she pats her belly...she will also say "Do-wa" and "oots."

- She is on whole milk, and loves to eat whatever we are eating.

- She is still in size 3 diapers.

-She crawls all over the place and is pulling herself up.

- She is getting her 5th tooth.

- She says, "Mamma" (I put that first to make me feel better cause she only says it when she's sad), "Dada", "Pappa", "Bye Bye", "Hi", "Hi Dad", and "DO-Wa" & "oots."

-If I tell her no she says " ya ya!"

-She has a favorite drawer in the kitchen...the one that USED to be full of scissors, tape, and pens & pencils. Now it is minus the scissors, and she doesn't get to stay there long enough to do any damage.

- She STILL loves her bath time.

- She loves T.V, but it doesn't keep her occupied near as long as it used to. She is just too busy now.

- She loves to dump Kezi's water bowl all over the kitchen.
- She loves to give kisses.

-Lately she has been a Mamma and Daddy's girl.

- She chews on the side of her crib before we come and get her in the mornings.

- She isn't as easy to put to bed. She wants Mom or Dad in there til she falls asleep. Hopefully this doesn't last too long. She is like a little psychic and once we step away from the crib she belts out this HUGE scream and starts crying...It's so sad, but cute enough I'll do whatever she wants...;)

-She is the BEST cuddler...I love it.

-She jabbers while she is's the cutest thing ever.

Jaiya helping Daddy with dishes.Aunt Sharon, Dustin's mom's sister, came from New Mexico to visit this past week. Grandma Mae has been sick and in ICU at Utah Valley so she came to spend time with the fam, and visit Grandma. It's been a hard week on everyone, but it was so nice to see Sharon.
At our "Taco Party" as Shandee called it. Sisters;)
The kids playing;)
The girls